Pizza bases are made from sourdough which has been fermented for 20 hours and hand shaped. Generously topped with artisan ingredients, they are then blasted in the hand-built Italian wood oven for a mere 90 seconds, resulting in delicious, crusty and slightly charred pizza perfection.

Starting from a modest £7.50 for the “Queen Margherita” – the Neapolitan classic – there’s also an excellent range of gourmet toppings for those feeling more adventurous and be sure to look out for the must-try “Pizza of the month”.

Don’t forget to save room for the tempting dessert selection, including the very popular Nutella pizza. Feeling thirsty? There’s also a great selection of local and Italian beers, quality wines, Prosecco and a range of soft drinks made daily by us to quench your thirst.

Dedicated to making our menu as authentic as possible, PETER is constantly on the lookout at home and in abroad for great products.  Caputo flour from Naples, considered the best in the world, is one of our essential ingredients. As well as well known companies we work with independent, small scale producers who have a genuine interest in quality. Wines are made by Signor Marchisio and his two sons on his vineyards in Piemonte, and are 100% free of preservatives.