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Panini’s at PETER!

It’ll come as no surprise that we love pizza. That is what we at Peter are all about; it’s who we are, it’s something we feel very passionate about and well, it’s quite obvious really. I mean our pizzas are true Italian, full of flavour and topped with deliciousness, so what’s not to love? But yes, we know pizza, but we also know not everyone wants a pizza all the time.


At lunch when you’re popping out for a bite to eat with a work colleague, or having a catch up with a friend, sometimes you might not want a huge pizza. With this in mind we have decided to give you another lunchtime option, introducing the Peter panini. It’s the perfect partner at lunch, created by our Italian chefs who have combined the perfect mouth-watering flavours.

We may appear biased about it but we actually tested it before the launch. We invited local lifestyle bloggers, to come in and join us for lunch whilst trying out all the flavours of our potential paninis. If anyone is going to give you, to the point feedback it’s a blogger! The outcome? We got big thumbs up from them and now we’ve finally launched it in both our Loughborough and Leicester sites.

Introducing the Peter Panini Menu

We like a good theme; we never do anything by halves so it’ll come as no surprise that our panini names have a story behind them.

SAN SIRO – Mozzarella, pesto, artichoke, rocket, cherry tomatoes

It’s named after the home of Milan football team and it seemed only right to name a panini after one of our biggest personal passions.

PANSA PER ME – Salami with fennel, smoked mozzarella, rocket.

Our grandad once had a clever dog called, think of me. The intelligent canine would protect him from the authorities, at a time when people smuggled in tobacco for cigarettes. Such a loyal companion grandad would simply shout, ‘think of me!’ and the dog would chase off any unwelcome visitors.

CARNA MANCA – Peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, rocket.

This one is pretty straight forward; it basically means the meat is missing. You guessed it! It’s our veggie option on our new menu.

GORROMAH – Sausage, cooked sauce, mozzarella

This is representative of the film starring Robert Saviano, whose story unravels in Naples with his organised crime activity. Now, we’re not condoning crime in anyway but this is a big part of our Italian history – plus what Italian gangster film have you ever watched that didn’t have meatballs or sausage in sauce as a food choice?!

GORGONZOLA HIGUIAIN – Gorgonzola, Parma ham, rocket

Another cheeky football reference with one of our favourite football stars, Gonzalo Higuian.

SUPER MORTADELLA BROS – Mortadella, mozzarella, peppers, rocket.

Last but not least we couldn’t have a panini without mentioning Mario and Luigi, who together are the Mario Bros! One of favourite games to be played on the legendary Nintendo Snes, it’s now a major gaming classic and a firm favourite with us.


What do you think? Sounding tasty? Fancy some lunch? There is certainly something for everyone. We accept lunchtime walks in so if you’re feeling spontaneous today, why not come in and see us for a Peter panini.  

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Never one to keep in line with the norm. We delighted to team up with Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival in Loughborough as well as Leicester and bring you a secret comedy tour. What’s this we hear you say? Well it’s pretty simple,

– 1 Ticket

– 50 People

– 3 Comedians

– 3 separate unique venues

– Transport provided by us between each venue

– A great craic and a truly unique experience.

Full info:




Christmas with PETER

It’s Christmas party time at Peter Pizzeria! Can you believe we’re writing this post?! It feels only 5 minutes ago we were all lapping up what we could of the British summer, but now the shops are booming full of Halloween getups with the occasional cheeky aisle hinting of upcoming Christmas festivities.


Unfortunately, we are going to be ‘that’ company that gets into September and starts chatting about Christmas, but to be honest we need as much time as we can to rave about the super doper Peter Pizzeria Christmas menu! It’s rather epic if we don’t mind saying so ourselves.

It’s always a wise idea to think ahead for those Christmas parties and general festive get togethers, particularly because believe it or not it gets booked up pretty swift. You can book to come in in the evening before you paint the town red or even over a lunch time if you’d prefer.

We believe we have the perfect balance for any Crimbo occasion. Of course with anything we do at Peter Pizzeria we do that bit differently to make your party unique… we call it the Peter twist!

peter menu front

This menu is covered at both of our sites in Loughborough and Leicester, so if you fancy hiring out one of our big tables for a large party, we have two amazing rooms at our Leicester site and big table at Loughborough, with smaller tables of course at both. However if you know you potentially have a big gathering, we do suggest you book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

The best thing about booking your Christmas party at Peter is that everyone loves pizza! This means if you’re left with the task to organise your staff Christmas do, you can relax in the fact that our Italian stone baked delights of goodness will always go down a treat! We cater to a variety of dietary requirements.

Still not quite sure? You can always pop in and try Peter Pizzeria for yourself. Don’t forget we now do lunches so you can even come in on your lunch break for a delicious Panini.

Our amazing menu you will kick off at the end of November, you will need to book in advance in order to qualify for our Christmas deal. Already convinced? Email us to book [email protected]

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We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for Super Humans to join our team. Apart from being Super. We’re looking for a selection of individuals that love being part of an ever expanding family, that loves working in a busy and fun environment.

If you think you have what it takes drop us your Name, Phone number and a brief overview of why the position is right up your street to the email address below 🙂

[email protected] or Apply Here

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